It is Time for the Indian Youth to go for Data Science

The importance of big data analysis is no secret in 2017, and pretty much all developed and developing countries have got their ways with the idea of data analysis. The Indian market has come ahead at a brisk pace and is promising to boast of a commendably large analytics industry within a few years time. Currently, more than 2000 analytics firms are operating in India. Most of these are offering analytical support to different companies belonging to a wide range of industries. The best part is that the Indian analytics workforce has developed and evolved over the years. Quite like the IT industry the global analytics and data science industry is also heavily outsourcing to India. More than 200,000 Indian personnel are employed in various analytics firms and analytics teams around the world and in the captive centres located in India. The number of personnel employed in India’s domestic industry is rather small but we may have the assurance that the workforce will be ready to support the progress of the Indian analytics and data science industry.

It is hard to believe that how far and wide the application of data science has spread. You can hardly name an industry that is not at all influenced by the rise of data science. Medical science and health care, more than any other industry, is experiencing a number of advantages in diagnosis, prescription and treatment. This is surely good news for the society; apart from that digital security and national defence can really reap the good results of data scientific research in India. Manufacturing, retail, pharmaceutical, advertisement, all these industries have been making a pretty good use of data analytics but what tops them all is the e-commerce industry. The e-commerce brands are somewhat built up on market analysis – big data analytics does seem to be the best way to go about market analysis.

The analytics institutes in India growing as an indispensable part of the whole movement. Especially Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, Mumbai and Hyderabad are cities with a large number of institutes that are offering analytics and data science training. Data science courses in Bangalore are quite popular at this point – one reason may be that the Indian analytics enterprises spring mostly out of this prel-eminent technological hub of India. So far, the workforce is supplied but marginally. As more companies come forward to adapt analytics, the demand for trained data professionals will increase manifold. The only way the industry can then be supplied is if more youngsters choose analytics and data science as career options and get trained. The vacancies in big data analytics, data science, machine learning and advanced analytics are bound to increase globally over the upcoming years. The USA alone is predicted to face a shortage of 1.5 million analytics professionals. Now that is a large number of vacant posts.

Students and young aspirants should recognise the opportunity that the situation is offering them and go for it. Joining the data science workforce does take deep knowledge of mathematics, statistics and considerable grasp on computer science – it is all achievable with pre-meditated efforts. It is time for the Indian youth to come forward.