Rules to be a perfect bride

Are you soon getting married? Are your parents looking for a perfect groom for you? If the answer to these questions is yes, then it’s time that you start preparing yourself to be a perfect bride that every man dreams of. Like women, even a man wants certain qualities in their wives and to meet those expectations in order to avoid any bumps in the journey of your married life, one should prepare yourself to meet those expectations.

Marriages are made in heaven. That is a true statement and Indian parents look for the perfect girls for marriage in Delhi for their sons. Arranged marriage set up in India revolves around a whole plethora of ethics and ideas in which a girl need should be fully prepared to handle the family responsibilities from day 1. Here are some tips that you can use to ensure that you are a perfect partner, daughter-in-law and a mother later.


  • Learn to cook – Normally girls these days do not know how to cook before marriage. Major reason being, girls today are career oriented and do not get enough time to practice cooking abilities. Learn about eating interest of your would be husband and then practice cooking skills around it. If not every day, then cook atleast on weekends for your family to show that you love them. Remember the old saying “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”.
  • Upgrade yourself with traditions and customs – Usually in India; arrange marriage happens in the same community. For example, Punjabi family will look for Punjabi brides’ matrimony to find a girl of their community. Hence, a girl should learn all the customs and traditions before marriage. Even in love marriage if your caste is different, research the internet about the culture and traditions of the community you are going to be married.
  • Prepare you to adjust in in-laws – This is the most difficult part for any girl, especially for the ones coming from nuclear family and going into a joint family. Though it goes without saying that you should always respect your elders, still you should know how respect guest in your house.
  • Manage work life balance – Every girl today wants to work even after marriage. So, if you would be doing a full-time job, then you must learn how to maintain work life balance by managing time between work and home. Since both the places are important to you, you should practice that how you would manage your household activities, kids and other daily issues with your work so that none is neglected.

By reading this entire article if you feel anxious before marriage, it’s normal. You are going to be a part of a new family and it’s important that you respect every part of it. Marriage is not just between two people, it’s a union between two families. So, you should be prepared to handle both the sides without any complaints. Best, speak as much as possible with your would be husband and set the expectations right.

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