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Tips, Apps and Tools for Instagram Marketing

Use Videos

The micro Instagram videos are an excellent opportunity to get the attention of Insta users. They are useful to discuss details of the products and tell the stories. The most important thing here is to entertain the audience you target.

Befriend the Famous

Instagram has its own little world of celebrities, especially in the sectors of fashion and food, worth knowing as the influencers. These users have thousands of Instagram followers who are eager for information.

Like some brands, hire actors or athletes to their spots, and you can contact these Instagram users to participate in your outreach strategy. You can ask them to talk about your products or to publish for a day from their own. It is a quick way to get Instagram followers.

Follow the Other Instagram Users

In this case, you should always be moderate and meaningful. The craving for many users by adding followers in record time has led many to become the victims of scams.

Exploit Apps

Limited Instagram filters make all images that end up in the social network are substantially equal. Apps help us stand out from the crowd with a different look. Instaframe, for example, can make collages with multiple photos. And Squaredy-Layouter Instagram allows you to put a complete picture without cutting into a square. In addition, there are free tool for marketing on Instagram which are mentioned below.


It is a tool to manage your Instagram content securely, easily and quickly. You can filter posts by keyword, search hashtags and popular publications and block offensive publications. It is your search system to find content within seconds after they have been published, so it is ideal to include in Instagram marketing kit.


It is also a free tool for Instagram with several interesting features, especially for brands in the field of e-commerce. With this tool, you can perform the following functions;

It helps improve conversion rate, increase your list of Instagram followers and attract more traffic to your Instagram account.
It has an analytical imaging system that evaluates the results based on several aspects.
You can monitor return on investment.
You can program publications.


It is another tool for programming focused on Instagram publications, so you can enjoy your free time knowing that everything is more controlled. ScheduGram allows you to upload images and videos and program across multiple Instagram accounts and multiple users. In short, it is a great way to save time and labor for you and your team.

Remember that buying Instagram followers is also an important part of marketing on Instagram.

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