Oncology- The Branch Dealing With One of The Deadliest Disease

Everybody is well aware these days that cancer is indeed a very deadly disease. Even though our country has a number of multiple cancer specialist hospitals, the rate of patients lost to this disease is quite shocking. The primary reason of it could be the lack of awareness of symptoms of cancer. Most of the patients diagnosed with the disease, get to know about it when it is too late. And even after the diagnosis, the treatment procedure is much unknown to many. It is high time one must have some idea about the disease and its treatment. In today’s article we are going to learn about it.

Oncology is a branch of medicine that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. A medical professional who practices oncology, is called an oncologist. The names’ etymological origin is the Greek word onkos, meaning ‘tumour’, ‘volume’ or ‘mass’.

Some of the best oncology surgeons in India divide the process into three components which have improved survival in cancer. The components are listed below:

  1. Prevention- this is by reduction of risk factors such as tobacco and alcohol consumption. And choosing a healthy lifestyle instead.
  2. Early diagnosis- screening of common cancers and comprehensive diagnosis and staging.
  3. Treatment- multimodality management b discussion in tumour board and treatment in comprehensive cancer centre.

Cancers are often managed through discussion on multi-disciplinary cancer conferences where the medical oncologist, surgical oncologist, radiation oncologist, pathologist, radiologist and organ specific oncologists meet to find the best possible management for an individual patient considering the psychological, emotional and financial status of the patients.

The three main divisions are:

  1. Medical oncology- focuses on treatment of cancer with chemotherapy and hormonal therapy.
  2. Surgical oncology- focuses on the treatment of cancer with surgery.
  3. Radiation oncology- focuses on treatment of cancer with radiation.

After having the basic idea of the disease one must know the top oncology surgeons in India. When it comes to protecting our beloved, we always want the best. Not very long ago, a friend of mine was going though quite a chaotic phase in his life because his father was diagnosed with cancer. Just like everybody else, he too was unaware of the procedure and the doctors. But, here the internet was of great help. These days, there is nothing that the internet cannot bring solutions for. With some luck and the internet he could get some of the best hospitals for his father’s treatment. Problems are a lot easier to deal with if there is someone to guide us along the whole way. The internet does quite a similar thing for people unknown to the disease.

So, now if you know someone that might need some information about cancer and oncology; this article would be of great importance. Spread the knowledge across so that the needy get help in time. Also promote a safe and healthy style of living by avoiding alcohol and tobacco. Aldo, having some knowledge is of great help and most importantly any unsuspicious health traits must need immediate diagnosis. Till they stay safe and healthy.