The Bead for the blessings of the almighty

Among the followers of Shaivism, the importance of two faced Rudraksha is very high. There are people who worship Lord Shiva and Shakti. This bead represents the unification of Shiva and Shakti which helps one to have blessings of both powers of theuniverse and hence gets the best of life from all the fronts. Those who love to go for the beads which are known as Rudraksha must know the bead in detail before wearing the same. There are different twenty-two types of Rudraksha beads, and each of it has own pros and cons which one must know before wearing it. For this, it is better to hire an expert who can guide one well and in right direction.

Know the bead:

This bead is known as two faceRudraksha or do Mukhi Rudraksha as it has two lines naturally drawn on it. These two lines represent the face of Shiva and Shakti. For those who suffer from unstable family life, quarrels at home and poor health can wear this bead to have better and peaceful married life. This bead is a fruit that grows on thetree of Rudraksha, but the tree is found in only a few of the countries in the world hence against a huge demand of the bead the supply is limited. As a result, there are also sellers in various cities who sell fake Rudraksha beads. Hence whenever you need to buy a Rudraksha, it is better to buy it from a seller who can offer the certificate of originality.

The wearing of the bead:

It is believed that before wearing this bead, one must carry out some puja to generate the real power of the bead so that the wearer can have expected results from the same. The 2 Mukhi Rudraksha sold by some known sellers are also with the puja done and hence the buyer just needs to wear it. One can wear the same in the form of apendant or a bracelet also. Nowadays the sellers also sell them in this form only so what one needs to do is to get a genuine seller that can offer the bead with the certificate of originality.

How to get the bead?

To buy the bead, there are two options. One can check the same with the local seller or even from an online store. The online purchase can be more beneficial as one can get ahuge variety of beads and check the images of the same in every store. Many sellers also offer discount and gifts with the bead to enhance the sales. The certificate of originality is provided by almost every seller. The buyer can place the order on these stores at any point of time as he gets the delivery of the beads after a few days only through quality courier service provider. To place the order and make the payment to these stores is also easy. One just needs to use his card or transfer the same with the help of net banking.